Gaza Conflict

The Israel Gaza Conflict – An Insight by Rabbi Cann

[Ed. Note] It’s interesting to know in the light of what’s going on in the Israel Gaza conflict, that the meaning of ‘hamas’ in Bible scriptures speaks clearly about what’s going on between Hamas and Israel.  Let there be peace. In the Bible, the word that is used for ‘destruction and violence’, ‘damage’, ‘cruelty’, ‘hatred’ […]


How is Malaysia Flight MH17 Linked to End Time Bible Prophecy

[Ed. Note] An eye opening look at how the Malaysian Flight MH17 can be linked so closely to end time Bible prophecy. This is amazing revelation and be blessed by this video. The Blood Moons have signaled many prophetic events: Israel-Gaza-ISIS-Iraq-Ukraine conflicts. How is Malaysia Airline MH17 Linked to all this? 8 minutes of a […]

Noah Movie Review

Noah Movie: The Most Biblical Secular Movie – A Review

[Ed. Note] Steve Cioccolanti from Discover Ministries does an excellent job reviewing the recent Noah Movie in a biblical perspective.  Although the movie is secular by nature, as Steve mentions, we can look at it as redemptive grace. A teenager said to his youth group after I taught on Noah: “This was the best sermon! […]

Global Collapse

Mega Earthquake (2013 2014) Global Financial Collapse (2015) Rapture Explained Away!

[Ed. Note: I watched this from start to end, and it's very informative. We had earthquakes recently in Mexico, Bougainville; disappearance of MH370, sinking of the Korean ferry and even the Ukraine incident. These are really signs in the heavens that brings us to the realization that we need to prepare. Be blessed!] Upcoming events […]


Meteors Fireballs Radiation! Has Tribulation Begun?

[Ed. Note: This is an interesting 20 minutes message by Steve Cioccolanti about why the times is approaching the end-times and what the Bible speaks about the end-time is becoming more and more relevant. Listen to the message of the 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 years of tribulation and the 7 bowls. Be blessed!] There […]

Blood Moon Times

Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse April 2014

[Ed. Note: This video is one of the clearest in explaining about the Blood Moon Tetrad that is happening during this season. It's a video from ScienceAtNASA. And the article below gives a very clear explanation as well about the blood moon tetrad. Enjoy!] Astronomers have said the “blood moon” that took place during the […]

financial crisis ahead

Warning: Stocks Will Collapse by 50% in 2014

[Ed. Note: I’m baffled by some reports that say that the market will get better in 2014.  I agree about main street starting to wakeup regarding the economy.  Wall Street is also wondering how we spent trillions of dollars and it did not work.  Obama may be looking at starting a war to get us […]

scottie blood moon tetrad

The Prophetic Blood Moons – 2014 – 2015

[Ed. Note: I do like Scottie's work and it is very informative. Watch this video to be accustomed with the coming prophetic blood moons. Scottie himself is not saying that he is a date-setter, the Bible is. He has studied the scriptures voraciously. These things WILL happen, God has decreed it in His Word.] In […]

Blood Moon Arising – April 2014

[Ed. The media is buzzing with news about the coming April 14-15 blood moon just before midnight.  This is report from rt; as Christians, we should not fear the end of days.  It's going to be a the Bible coming to past which is exciting.  Let's be informed and get ready for the Lord's coming.] […]

Star of David Planetary Alignment

Star of David Planetary Alignments & Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad

[Ed. Note: Interpretation of the planetary alignment is still subject to interpretation errors.  Eliyahu ben David talks about what the signs in the sky including the Blood Moon Eclipse Tetrad represents] How does the Star of David Planetary Alignment of July 29, 2013, also called a Grand Sextile, fit in with other signs in the […]

mazzaroth the appointed times

Mazzaroth and The Appointed Times 2014 – End Times Warning

[Ed. Note: The End Times warnings are shown clearly in heavens - that's what the ancient Hebrews call it the Mazzaroth.  It is God's heavenly 'time clock'.  So what should we be looking for?  Watch for it: The heavens really do "Declare His glory"...His Glory is Yeshua or Jesus.] Given the sure scale of the […]


Four Blood Moon Prophecy

[Ed. note] This is a fascinating note to know, as with any event do reference it back to the Bible. The Four Blood Moon Tetrad events take place starting next year 2014 leading into 2015 corresponding exactly on Jewish holidays. Is this a premonition or signal taking place for the future? Watch this video to […]


Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy

[Ed. Note: Famous Rabbi Kaduri prophecy about who the Messiah] The 108 Year Old Rabbi Kaduri prophesied that at Sharon’s death Jesus Christ … Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy Of Jesus & The Rapture?  Rabbi Kaduri’s Prophecy and the 144,000 Jews.  This video discusses the 144,000 Jews and the Prophecy of Rabbi Kaduri. Copyright and ‘fair use’ […]

Virgin Birth In Space

Virgin Birth In Space in 2017 Bible Prophecy – Part 1

Ed. Note: When I saw this video, I was amazed by what may seemed like a very likely possibly that the coming of the Lord is just at hand.  I am featuring this video on my site for my readers.  Enjoy! ] Scottie reveals new amazing facts concerning bible prophecy and signs in the heavens […]


Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 2014-2015 : Blood Moon Tetrad

[Ed. Note: The following article first appeared in the May 2008 issue of this magazine. J.R. wrote it as a follow-up to his then-recent television interview with Pastor Mark Biltz. On that program, Biltz had first revealed his remarkable thesis concerning the upcoming four blood moons and solar eclipses. In the years since, the Christian […]

solar lunar eclipse tetrad

Recent 2014 Events Pointing to His Coming

3 weeks ago, there was a LIVE streaming service from Evening Light Fellowship Church in Phoenix Arizona. Service begins at 7:30pm PST. Pastor Ron Peterson was preaching, “The Flashing Red Light of His Coming- The Four Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015″ Part V. An interesting chart was shared.  It shows the past 3 blood […]

Blood Moon Tetrad Biblical Prophecy

Blood Moon Tetrad in Biblical Prophecy

Two Christian pastors, Mark Blitz and John Hagee, use the term Blood Moon to apply to the full moons of the upcoming tetrad – four successive total lunar eclipses, with no partial lunar eclipses in between, each of which is separated from the other by six lunar months (six full moons) – in 2014 and 2015. John Hagee appears […]

blood moon tetrad

Signs in the Heavens of a Four Blood Moon Tetrad in 2014 and 2015

Does God use the motions of the planet to communicate with us to announce things to come? Many people believe that an astronomical occurrence called the Four Blood Moons is a message from God.  Blood moon is a full lunar eclipse – and four of them in a row is called a Tetrad.  And, when […]